Ultrasonic thickness gauging of
municipal water treatment tanks
Weld Inspection & NDT Services

Spec-Weld Technologies can provide visual and NDT services directly for your company or as a third party. Our employees are AWS certified weld inspectors as well as, ASNT Level II qualified in ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing, and penetrate testing. Our goal is to help you make the quality product that you want and that your customer deserves. Whether you need us for a day, a week, or for months; our vast experience and code knowledge will give you the kind of results few other companies can offer.

Spec-Weld extended its offerings to include plant start-up programs for companies like Alcoa Automotive Structures, four-year apprenticeship training programs for companies like Riker Products, and specialized training programs at schools such as Owens and Northwest State Community Colleges. And, now, Spec-Weld's programs also cover all major welding and cutting processes and include AWS Certified Weld Inspector preparatory programs.

Non Destructive Testing Equipment

Ultrasound, magnetic particle, and visual inspection
on a coker valve.

Penetrate inspection after weld profiling.

Spec-Weld people will work with you to improve any marginal or discrepant welds. Our people are welders as well as inspectors. Their welding expertise is part of the complete package we offer.

All the staff members at Spec-Weld Technologies are American Welding Society Certified Welding Inspectors . We not only do the job, we teach the class! Spec-Weld Technologies has taught the CWI classes for the Northwest Ohio Section of AWS for more than fifteen years and we can do it in-house for you. Whether you want to improve the quality of inspection by line welders or give your machine operators and QC department inspection training, Spec-Weld can help. We work with automotive, industrial and agency codes and specifications. So whether your are doing work for General Motors, Caterpillar, or the military, Spec-Weld knows the code.

Spec-Weld offers in-plant CWI training and testing. If you have enough people interested it can be very cost effective to have your own CWI program. Contact us for more information.