Material Testing
We test a variety of material types

As the quantity of code work by customers increased, visual inspection and non-destructive testing also grew. Today Spec-Weld offers third party ASNT Level II and Level III services in PT, MT, UT, and ET processes; AWS Certified Weld Inspection services to manufacturers; and verification inspection services to buyers. Spec-Weld's goal is to become a single source contact for all your welding and personnel development needs.

Spec-Weld provides tensile and compression testing services. Our SATEC 60HVL has computer data acquisition for reliable reporting of test information. We can machine most test coupons in house for quick turn around.

Some of the data that can be collected includes: ultimate tensile strength, percent elongation, yield strength, breaking load, offset yield, and tangent modules. Samples can be grouped in a single report to obtain averages or compare results.

Tensile Testing Services

Whether you need test data on wire swatches, rods, plates, or welded specimens;
we can be of service.